Vector Verifications™ is a bespoke due diligence and compliance service which provides clients with comprehensive checks for pre-employment / background screening, Know Your Client (KYC) programs, and pre / post deal commercial transactions.

Purpose: Know Your Client (KYC), Client / Vendor Onboarding & Anti-Money Laundering (AML) Procedures

Pre-Employment Screening

This process of investigating the backgrounds of potential employees is vital to verify the accuracy of a job history and claims as well as to discover any possible derogatory information such as bankruptcy, litigation, and /or in appropriate activity on social media / blogs, which may inadvertently affect the reputation of the potential employer.

Vector Verifications’ pre-employment screening program would typically cover the following checks:

  • Education Qualification / Professional License Verification
  • Employment Verification including period and scope of work / position
  • Reference Interviews with previous supervisors / colleagues
  • Checks for Links with Anti-Social / Market Forces (i.e. organized crime)
  • Local & International Regulatory Sanction Lists
  • Criminality Checks[1]
  • Bankruptcy & Civil Litigation Checks
  • Directorships & Other Business Interest Searches
  • Outstanding Loans & Liens on Real Estate Assets
  • Press / Media Searches of Derogatory & Negative Material Information in Local Language

All checks strictly abide by all local privacy and anti-discrimination laws.

[1] These consist of focused searches for arrest and/or indictments and not criminal records, which are in general illegal to obtain for the private sector.

Enhanced Due Diligence

Vector Verifications’ Enhanced Due Diligence (EDD) Program offers complete and detailed checks to ensure that our clients are provided with facts and actionable intelligence prior to entering into an agreement or financial transaction with another party.

Our EDD Program is tailor made to suit needs from various clients and industries, covering the following key areas:

  • Confirmation of commercial status, registration / license and physical presence
  • Fiscal standing, source of funds, and industry position
  • Management and operational assessment
  • Reputational source inquiries
  • Checks for Links with Anti-Social / Market Forces (i.e. organized crime)
  • Credit and government gazette database searches
  • Political Exposed Person (PEP) & Political Donation Searches
  • Local & International Regulatory Sanction Lists
  • Criminality Checks (*not criminal records which are in general illegal to obtain for the private sector)
  • Affiliations & Other Business Interest Searches
  • Bankruptcy & Civil Litigation Checks
  • Outstanding Loans & Liens on Real Estate Assets
  • Local Language Derogatory & Material Information Press / Media Searches

Business Intelligence & Corporate Investigations

The Vector Risk Management group consists of a team of highly skilled professionals, a source network made up of seasoned journalists, industry experts, think tank consultants, and financial services / research analysts, who are able to provide in-depth insight into specific areas of concern including the reputation and modus operandi of the subject firm, principals, and other stakeholders.

Our business intelligence services ensure that clients are provided the full spectrum of intelligence, separate from open source and public records, which will enable precise navigation and assessment of potential risks such as those posed by reputation, business ethics, and character.
Corporate Regulatory Compliance 

  • AML and Sanctions Compliance
  • Gaming & Casino Compliance
  • Anti-Corruption & Anti-Money Laundering Compliance
  • Annual Risk Assessments